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Director: Angella Mackey, Art direction: Angella Mackey, Vera van het Hof @ Club Futur, Music: Julien Marchal (more info below), Model: Anne Forceville @ Tulip Models, Props and Location: Vera van het Hof @ Club Futur, Make-up and Hair: Wouter van Schaaijk @ Joyce Walian Agency, Camera and Editing: Angella Mackey, Production Assistants: Iris Bekkers, Rachel Rietdijk, Driver: Gell Mackey

Music by Julien Marchal / (taken from the album "Insight II") / Julien Marchal (SACEM/France)/ With the arrangement of Visions from The Roof

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This film was produced as part of a larger design research initiative exploring dynamic and responsive materials at Philips Lighting Research and the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands from 2015-2019. Our core research team includes Angella Mackey, Koen van Os, Stephan Wensveen, Ron Wakkary, Oscar Tomico, and Annika Hupfeld.

This research is part of ArcInTexETN, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions grant agreement No. 642328

A special thanks to the many designers, researchers, and artists who also contributed throughout this design journey including: Troy Nachtigall, Ieva Stakaitė, Katrien van de Camp, Melissa Petersen-Bonvie, Marina Toeters, Lonneke Baken, David NG McCallum, Bart Hengeveld, Valérie LaMontagne, Roxy van Kemenade, and Iulia Racheru.

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